How to Live Life After Your TBI

By Kelly Tuttle

There’s help and hope for traumatic brain injury survivors who need to live life while they heal.

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In After the Crash by Kelly Tuttle You’ll Discover…

Surprising strategies

and other tools you can use to support brain healing while working and studying.

Medical symptoms to expect

as you recover, including dizziness, fatigue, memory loss, and vision changes.

How to choose a health provider

or specialist for help with head injury symptoms.

Six lifestyle tips

to promote and sustain brain healing and cognitive function, like getting plenty of sleep and exercise, choosing brain-healthy nutrition, and practicing mindfulness.

Six Steps

to help you start living life to the fullest after sustaining a head injury, such as redefining core values.

After the Crash

is a must-read if you’ve survived a TBI and plan to continue working and studying despite daily emotional, physical, and cognitive challenges. Get it today, and begin to understand your new brain and learn to love the new person you’re becoming.

Kelly Tuttle

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“A Guiding Light Through the Maze of Brain Injury Recovery…”

“Kelly Tuttle’s “After the Crash” is a beacon of hope and an indispensable guide for those navigating the challenging journey of recovery after a traumatic brain injury (TBI). As a Neurology Nurse Practitioner and a TBI survivor herself, Tuttle brings a unique blend of medical expertise and personal experience to this empowering and uplifting book.”

– A Look Inside Book Review Blog & Podcast